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(no subject) [Oct. 18th, 2008|10:39 am]
It's been days since Emily was outted by Serena, weeks since she broke up with the woman in question, months since Miranda started begging her not to leave her, and a year since she’s known that she’s fallen in love with Miranda. That's when she realized she had fallen in love with the editor. It all started with Andrea Sachs, the bitch. When Andy started working there, Emily realized that Miranda was being taken away from her. When she saw how much Miranda relied on Andy, she hated the brunette. Then Andy stole her Paris trip and left Miranda stranded. Since then, Miranda has been begging Emily not to leave her every so often. Just before Paris, Emily and Serena began their tryst; a secret love affair that was outed by the Brazillian makeup artist. Emily felt ashamed when she walked through the closet, watching as several of the models flinched to cover up.

"Yes, Miranda?" The silver haired woman looked up from her Imac and gazed into the younger woman’s eyes.

"Tell me immediately if there is any prejudice amongst the employees; I don't want anyone to disturb you. I would like to keep you with me as long as I am able to." Miranda blushed heavily as her attention turned back to her laptop. "Please don't leave me." It was barely audible, in the silence of the room. Emily usually responded with a nod and a smile, but she was tired of  Miranda’s lack of confidence in her.

“No one is giving me a hard time; to tell you the truth, I thought you were going to fire me when you found out. Another thing, Miranda.” The Editor made eye contact again. “I would never leave you.” Miranda stood and moved around her desk. She threw a glance at the outer office.

“Chantal is gone for the night?” Emily nodded, feeling suddenly nauseated. “Good.” Miranda stepped closer to the red head and snaked an arm around her petite waist. Emily’s heart jumped into her throat and her ears began to ring. With her free hand, Miranda took Emily’s chin, forcing her head upwards. The older woman leaned over and placed a tender kiss on the girl’s lips. A moan escaped the smaller woman and Miranda smirked against the red head’s lips. The silver haired woman enveloped Emily’s bottom lip, listening as the girl whimpered. Being bold, the girl reached up and slipped her fingers into the editor’s silvery hair to pull her closer. Miranda let go of Emily’s chin and slipped her hand down the girls back , receiving a shiver for her efforts.  Emily broke free from the kiss and looked into Miranda’s eyes.

“If you only knew how long I’ve wanted this… wanted you.” Miranda pulled up Emily’s blouse, raking her well manicured finger nails up her back. The red head drew a shuddering sigh. “Fuck, Miranda” The editor leaned closer, letting her lips hover near the English woman’s

“Never leave me,” Miranda mumbled before pressing her lips to Emily’s. A Purr sounded from Miranda’s throat when the young woman’s tongue sneaked out to caress the editor’s top lip. Miranda dragged her hands down Emily’s hips to bunch the material of the red head’s skirt. She reached the end of the bohemian garment and pushed her hands underneath. She cupped Emily’s thighs and hoisted the girl up. Surprised, the girl wrapped her arms around Miranda’s neck and spread her legs over the editor’s waist. Emily was so light, Miranda had no problem carrying her to the couch. With every step the older woman took, She heard a gasp come from the woman wrapped around her. She felt Emily’s sex collide with soft delicious thuds against her lower abdomen. The younger woman was hot against the editor’s stomach, a feeling Miranda wanted to savor. When they got to the love seat in the corner of the office, Miranda sat down and made Emily straddle her hips. She slipped her hands up the girl’s skirt, caressing Emily’s thighs on the way up. The younger woman’s sex began to throb when Miranda cupped the girl’s firm ass. Sitting up, Miranda brought their lips together. Need was evident in Emily’s urgent tongue, but the editor took control with slow caressing kisses. Miranda loosened the buttons on the girl’s blouse and reached in with warm hands. The petite woman’s breast fit perfectly in the fashionista’s hand. With a brush of her thumb, Miranda had Emily arching into her touch. She pushed aside the flimsy material of Emily’s bra and pulled the pink, pert nipple between her lips. Miranda pushed a hand back underneath the girl’s skirt and moved her fingers in slow shallow circles against the silk covered sex, soaking and ruining the fabric. Flicking her tongue in time with her strokes, Miranda smirked when Emily ground her hips against the expert hand and pulled the teasing mouth against her breast. Before the red head knew it, Emily was straddling Miranda’s face. The editor was between her legs lapping furiously at her through the soaked silk garment. Miranda pushed aside the fabric and pulled at the girl’s clit with sucking lips making Emily’s thighs clench and grip the back of the couch. The editor flicked her tongue against the pink pearl and slipped her tongue down the slippery slope to Emily’s entrance. She pushed inside, receiving a gasp and moan from the red head above her. When she pulled out, the girl’s hips buckled, forcing Miranda back in. When Miranda’s teeth bumped and slipped against Emily’s clit, the girl came with a grunt, contracting around Miranda’s tongue. Emily shuddered and collapsed when the fashionista pulled out and away. The older woman gave Emily time to recover while she stood erect, wiping at her mouth.

“Call Roy.” Emily’s attention snapped back to Miranda. She stood on shaky legs and sighed. Before she turned to go, she adjusted her clothing to look presentable once more. On her way out, Emily halted at the sound of her name.

“Emily?” The red head turned around, still in shock over what just happened. Her eyes locked on to Miranda’s. “It’s my turn.” It sounded like a growl coming from the base of the editor’s throat. Emily pressed her lips together, trying to hide her excitement. She turned on her heal and retreated to her desk to call Roy.

“This’ll be fun.” Emily mumbled to herself as she glanced back at Miranda.
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RIP pat :'( [Sep. 20th, 2008|10:39 pm]
[Current Mood |sadsad]

A very sweet and giving woman passed away today. She was a like a mama to me. She always took care of Em and me. Now she's gone. I don't know how to deal with it too. I know if I bottle it up, it will be worse later on. God help me! I've known her for 2 years and she was the first person, besides Emily, that welcomed me with open arms to Orlando. I love you Pat! Rest in peace!
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poetry crap [Sep. 11th, 2008|08:47 am]
[Current Mood |pissed offpissed off]

I haven't done a personal post in a very long time. I figured that I should do one because, i am a writer and it would be incredibly stupid of me not to expel all of these demons of anger and depression. I wrote a piece of how I feel right now.

The bubbling, nauseating feeling that settles in my stomach is good;
A distraction from the pain in my chest.
It's more than just an ache;
It causes me to stop breathing and my world to go fuzzy.
My body shudders and collapses with each shaking sob.
Head pounding,
In sync with my shallow breath;
Heart throbing,
My chest feels constricted,
Ready to burst.
My mind is swelled with emotion,
Hot tears burn my face,
Making it impossible to stop.
They say my love for her is unhealthy,
She is my only ambition.
There was nothing greater planned for me than to love her.
She is my heart,
My soul,
My reason for living.
My mighty ocean,
She is strong,
Rolling on in thunderous waves.
I'm afraid without her I'm the dying tide,
Ever fading.
Bleeding into the pure sand,
I continue to bleed until my ocean is calm.
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A Test of Loyalty 4/4 [Aug. 27th, 2008|04:01 pm]
Andy arrived at work about a half an hour late due to a doctor’s appointment. When she walked into the office, Emily was in a state of panic.

    “Just get on with it, Leslie!” The red head ruffled with the newspaper before her. “I don’t care what you do, just do it! I don’t want to see any more articles like this one. Make sure Christian Thompson gets hell for this too.” Andy froze at the sound of that man’s name. She turned to Emily and was about to ask what happened when Miranda blew in. The older woman walked past Andy on her way to her office.

    “Andrea.” Emily’s eyes widened when she saw Miranda had a newspaper with her. Without taking off her coat or putting down her purse, Andy followed Miranda into her office. Andy began unbuttoning her jacket while watching Miranda close the doors to her office. When Miranda stood still, facing the doors, is when Andy started to panic. She flung her coat and purse on one of the chairs and walked up to Miranda. “It seems I’ve misplaced my trust in you.” When Miranda turned to face Andy, her eyes were already shining with unshed tears. Andy wanted to take the woman into her arms and tell her everything was going to be ok.

    “No, Mira-“ Andy took a step forward, but Miranda halted her by putting her hand up and walking away. Andy felt absolutely helpless as she watched Miranda toss the newspaper and her purse on her desk and struggled out of her jacket. “What did I do to make you think that?” Andy’s eyes were already burning behind her eyelids. Miranda wiped at her eyes then pursed her lips. When Miranda picked up the newspaper, is when Andy realized that Christian Thompson stabbed her in the back. Miranda walked up to Andy, shoving the paper into her hands. Andy looked at the first page with wide eyes. It showcased a picture of Miranda and Andy side by side. “Employees are loyal, but is the Ice Queen?” Andy read on about how Miranda took advantage of Nigel and swindled him out of a higher position with James Holt. Christian went on about how this was an act out against the gay community. “The employee in question is still working for The Dragon Lady, but in his former position.” Andy tossed the paper back on the desk and folded her arms. “So you think I have something to do with this?” Miranda pursed her lips again.

    “When you warned me about Jacqueline Follet, you mentioned him.” Andy’s jaw dropped as she scrabbled for the right explanation.

    “He was a friend back then…” Miranda turned away to look out the window. “I found a mock up of how Runway would look if Jacqueline took over.” She watched as Miranda wiped at her eyes again. “As soon as I found out I ran to you.” Miranda turned around sharply.

    “You came to me looking like a disheveled mess.” Miranda’s words cut deep even if it didn’t really come out to be an insult on Andy’s persona.

    “I-I-I…” Andy let her tears slip down her cheeks while averted her eyes to the lush carpeted floor.

    “You slept with him.” It wasn’t a question, just a something that sounded like it tasted bad in Miranda’s mouth. The way she spit it out, made Andy flinch.

    “Yes, it was a huge mistake.” Miranda nodded while sucking in her cheeks.

    “You can say that again.” Andy took a step closer to Miranda, wanting to just have the words to apologize, but then she realized that what she did in her personal life should be of no concern to Miranda.

    “It doesn’t matter if I slept with him once. What matters is its over. I didn’t do this.” Rolling her eyes, Miranda turned stepped back. She wanted to get away from Andy.

    “All I know is that we were…” Licking her lips, Miranda hesitated to continue. “Then this comes out. How do I know you’re not just here to feed him the ‘scoop’?” Andy moved closer to Miranda and took a hold of her arms.

    “Miranda look at me!” Shocked by such forcefulness, Miranda looked up into Andy’s eyes. “You have to believe me, I chose you. I don’t have anything to do with this.” Miranda let a tear slip. “I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you or you’re family. Christian is bitter because I left him and gypped him out of  a well paying job; I had nothing to do with this.” With a glare, Miranda put two and two together.

    “Jacqueline was going to hire him?” Andy nodded and let go of Miranda’s arms.

    “Yeah. It could be the reason he wanted to bed me. As soon as he figured out I worked for you, he was truly interested in me. I didn’t do this, Miranda. You must believe me.” Miranda nodded and cupped Andy’s face.

    “Of course you didn’t. I just go off the wall sometimes. I jumped to conclusions and thought that you joined up with him an-” Andy pulled her in for a brief hug and surprisingly enough, Miranda hugged back. “You forgive me?” Andy pulled away and grinned.

    “How can I forgive you when you didn’t ask for forgiveness?” Miranda gave her a look that said “That’s the closest you’re going to get”. “Yes, all is forgiven.” Andy picked up Miranda’s coat and bag along with her own. “Dinner, tonight?” Miranda smirked and snorted.

    “You can get over it that easily?” Andy nodded with a grin.

    “That’s what being a friend is about. Forgive and forget.” With that Andy walked out of the office to hang up the coats. As soon as Andy was done with the jackets and bags, Emily glared at her.

    “Kiss and make up?” Andy rolled her eyes as she sat down to begin her work.

    “More like kiss and make up sex” Emily gasped while Andy laughed.

    “It’s beyond me how you two can smile through this whole thing when it could do some serious damage to Runway.” Andy scoffed and turned to face Emily.

    “Emily, build a bridge an-“ Andy saw movement out of the corner of her eye and watched as Miranda came out of her office.

    “Get over yourself.” Emily looked like someone just wished 10 pounds on her. Miranda glanced at the redhead on her way to Andy. “Do you want to grab lunch together?” Miranda’s voice was barely above a whisper, but she knew Emily could still hear her. Andy smirked and played with a paper clip.

    “Yeah, sure, what do you have in mind?” Miranda reached out and laid her hand on Andy’s to get young woman’s full attention.

    “There’s a great place for the best pizza this side of New York.” Miranda smirked when Andy’s jaw dropped.

    “Oh! Charlie’s?” With a nod, Miranda let go of Andy’s hand. “How are we supposed to get in there? It’s a holiday.” Miranda raised an eyebrow and Andy blushed. “That’s right… you’re Miranda Priestly.” Miranda smirked again

    “We’ll pick up the girls and head that way soon.” Miranda walked back to the office with Andy trailing her.

    “You’re not going to let me work today are you?” With a chuckle, Miranda swooped down in her chair. Andy smiled at Miranda’s cuteness; yes, she was being adorable. Lucky for Andy though, Miranda didn’t know how to read minds. “Fresh hot coffee?” Miranda nodded and went to work as soon as Andy left. When the young woman returned with Miranda’s scalding coffee, the older woman was itching to go. She took her coffee from Andy and began bothering her.

    “Let’s go.” Andy chuckled watching the older woman fidget in her seat like she had ADD.

    “Hold on a sec. would ya?” Miranda raised an eyebrow; no one told her to wait. “I have to set up a call forwarding system so Emily could pee while were out.” Miranda nearly laughed at the image of a dancing Emily. “Plus we still have plenty of time.” With a roll of her eyes, Miranda crossed her legs and huffed. She decided her time would be better spent reviewing the book and drinking the rest of her coffee.

    “Not really, we have to pick up the girls at their fathers, which is 30 minutes from here, then we have to get to Charlie’s before 12. I don’t want to be crowded.” Andy nodded and left the office to make quick work of the call forwarding set up. Andy returned with Miranda’s and her coat and bag. Miranda just threw on the coat without buttoning it, and began heading out. Andy grabbed her and pulled her back.

    “Come here. What’s wrong with this picture?” Miranda forced herself not to grin, it was a revelation that Andy cared about her that much. Andy reached out and started fasten the buttons. “I don’t care if it looks tacky buttoned all the way up, you’re going to catch your death out there, then who’s going to take care of you?” Miranda’s eyes softened as she watched the other woman’s move from button to button while she fastened them.

    “You.” It was almost said as a caress; it was so softly spoken it got Andy’s attention. The younger woman caught Miranda’s eyes then glanced at the older woman’s lips. Clearing her throat, Andy went back to fastening Miranda’s coat and tied her scarf around her neck. Miranda glanced down at Andy’s coat and smirked. She tugged on Andy’s jacket. “Hypocrite.” Andy looked down with a smile and quickly did up her jacket. The brunette looked up into Miranda’s eyes when she was done. “Ready?” Andy smirked and nodded.

    “Let’s get the girls.”  Miranda stepped aside and allowed Andy to leave the office before her. She glanced towards Emily and made sure the woman was engrossed in her work before returning her gaze to Andy. Miranda watched as the young woman’s hips swayed under the jacket and every now and then, she would catch a glimpse of Andy’s thighs when the slit of her trench flipped open because her skirt rose with the friction of the material. A nervous, nauseating, feeling settled in her stomach when they entered the elevator. Andy kept stealing glances from the corner of her eye. Miranda slipped on her sunglasses and focused on the illuminated buttons. When the elevator dinged, a rush of relief flooded Miranda only to be replaced with panic because they had to sit in a car for about forty-five minutes. Andy let Miranda lead the way, but when she reached the car, Andy rushed to open the door for the silver haired fashonista. Miranda shook her head and held the door open. “You go in first, the street is to busy for you to enter through that side.” Miranda watched Andy slide in, to the other side, leaving room for her. Predictably, Miranda kept her cool throughout the car ride. She succumbed to two or three glances towards Andy’s shapely legs and the curve of her neck while the young woman reclined her head in an attempt to relax. When they arrived at her ex’s, Miranda waved Andy over. “I don’t bite, Andrea.” Taking a hold of Andy’s arm and pulling her close, the older woman smirked. “At least not too hard.”  As the girls piled in, Andy gave Miranda a look that was the equivalent of “You bite me, I bite harder”. A bit cramped and warm, Miranda and Andrea sat close together trying to ignore one another. If Andy moved her foot her whole leg rubbed up against Miranda’s. And if the older woman wanted to rest her hand in her lap, her arm would come into contact with Andy’s round, firm breast. Needless to say, Miranda was regretting not moving to the front. When they pulled up to Charlie’s, everyone scrambled to get out. With a sigh, Miranda lead them all in.

    “It’s so strange that a place like this is virtually empty on a holiday.”  Miranda glared at Andy when a flock of people arrived. She turned on her heal and made her way out of the crowd only to have Andy tug on the collar of Miranda’s jacket. Defeated with a pout, Miranda turned back around, entered the restaurant, and was shown to her seat. They sat in a circular booth, which Miranda detested, but the twins loved. Miranda decided that sitting in a booth did have some merit; after she slid in to the middle, Andy slid in right next to her. They sat in silence while looking at the menus, but once they ordered, conversation ensued.

    “What did you do at your father’s?” Miranda began for distraction; Andy’s thighs were too close for comfort.

    “We stayed in, watched movies, played the Wii…” Andy’s jaw dropped.

    “No way!” Miranda looked over at her in shock. “You have a Wii?” Caroline and Cassidy smiled and nodded simultaneously. “What is your favorite game?” Miranda smirked as she watched their interaction.

    “We just like playing the Wii sports.” Cassidy looked at Caroline with a scowl.

    “Speak for yourself.” Cassidy turned to Andy excitedly. “I love Twilight Princess. I had it on Game Cube, but it’s a different experience with the Wii.” Andy listened in awe.

    “You’re a fan of The legend of Zelda?” Cassidy nodded, but Caroline cringed. Andy had to stifle a smile when she saw Caroline’s reaction. “And you like just the sports?” Caroline nodded with a grin.

    “I like to play tennis and boxing.” Andy glanced at Miranda who just looked on with a smile.

    “You must be the calmer one then.” Andy chuckled when Miranda nodded and pointed a finger at Cassidy.

    “This one goes punching pillows. I have yet to break that habit.” Cassidy smiled and lovingly stuck out her tongue to tease Miranda. The older woman glanced around and mirrored Cassidy’s action. Andy chuckled at the display and continued to talk to Caroline and Cassidy about gaming. Andy found out that they had all the recent systems except for a DS Lite, which they were planning on saving up for. Miranda apparently doesn’t just give them anything they want, they have to earn it. Andy was engrossed in a conversation about The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hour Glass when Miranda found a few pieces of lint lingering on Andy’s skirt. She wondered what would Andy’s reaction be if she were to pluck the offending lint off. When she did, Andy jumped slightly and turned to Miranda, who just kept removing the small collections of thread up. Andy felt heat rise to her face and knew she was blushing. With every touch of Miranda’s fingers against her clothed thigh, she felt tingles shoot up her spine and into her scalp. When the older woman finished, she went about listening to their conversation like nothing happened. After their meal was served and eaten, Caroline and Cassidy got dropped off home with their sitter and the two women returned to work.

    “Oh thank God! I nearly peed myself!” Miranda looked back in disgust while dumping her things on Emily’s desk.

    “Emily, keep you bodily functions to yourself.” Emily opened her mouth to apologize. “That’s all.” With an annoyed smirk Emily turned to Andy.

    “I have had to pee for an hour now, and you have been gone for two!” Andy rolled her eyes then remembered a crucial detail.

    “I set up a call forwarding system. It’s not my fault.” Emily glared like she was getting ready to choke Andy.

    “Yes, but it’s the first time I’ve heard about it!” Andy visibly shrank and mouthed oops.

    “I’m sorry, Em. I guess I forgot to tell you.” Emily rolled her eyes and walked out of the office mocking Andy with an “I guess”. Andy chuckled and knew Emily forgave her.

    “Andrea.” The brunette rushed into Miranda’s office with her jacket still on. “What are you doing on the 31st of next month?” Andy laughed; she knew where this was going.

    “Nothing. Do you have plans to take the girls trick or treating?” Miranda smiled and nodded.

    “I was wondering if you’d care to join us.” With a grin, Andy began unbuttoning her jacket. Miranda spaced out for a second; she began to imagine what lesser clothing Andy could be wearing under that coat. She shook herself out of her thoughts and looked at Andy with a raised eyebrow.

    “You don’t have to… dress up.” Miranda froze when Andy slipped the coat off her shoulders slowly.

    “Are you alright?” Andy’s eyebrows furrowed in concern.

    “N-yes, I’m fine…” Miranda hummed in annoyance only because she was getting distracted. While tugging the jacket off her arms, Andy smirked. “Um, yes, the 31st meet us at the house.” Andy smirked once more and turned to walk out, leaving Miranda’s mind in a puddle.

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(no subject) [Aug. 13th, 2008|11:12 pm]

Rating: PG
Pairing: Miranda/Andy
Summary: Miranda does something unlike herself to win back her gay readers after a particular article posted about her.
Disclaimer: I do not own Miranda or Andy, but who doesn't wish they did? lol

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fic collages [Aug. 8th, 2008|05:51 am]

Story: It's nothing by capegrl

Story: Family Tree by Allaine77
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(no subject) [Aug. 2nd, 2008|11:35 pm]
In favor of those who love a good goosing lmao!
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Children's book [Jul. 30th, 2008|04:55 pm]
[Current Mood |ecstaticecstatic]

I'm writing a children's book. first chapter is almost done. I'm so excited!
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Minerva/Hermione "What the Hex" [Mar. 16th, 2007|02:01 am]
This is just the first chapter, but it is continued at my fanfiction.net account: Cherline
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this is soooo random but I fucking love these quiz thingys [Dec. 16th, 2005|07:41 am]
heh heh hehCollapse )
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